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Recap from the Summer 2019 Meeting of the Pet Food Alliance

In June 2019, 120 attendees representing various sectors of the pet food and rendering industries joined in Northern Colorado for a successful meeting of the Pet Food Alliance! The Summer 2019 meeting took on a new format, highlighting scientific presentations and discussions, but maintained the foundation of the PFA by incorporating networking opportunities and working group discussions.

The meeting program, presentations, and working group summaries can be found below.

Summary, Program, and Presentations

Summer 2019 PFA Meeting Summary

Summer 2019 PFA Meeting Program

Mo Knows – Pet Nutrition for Pet Parents

Bailey_New Opportunities in Pathogen Mitigation PFA 2019

Clayton_ USMEF PFA 2019

Murphy_FDA Perspective PFA 2019

Heinzelmann_Metagenomics PFA 2019

Working Group Summaries

Oxidation & Product Qualty Working Group Summary PFA Summer 2019

Product Safety Working Group Summary Summer 2019

Consumer Perception & Sustainability Working Group Summary Summer 2019

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Summer 2018 Meeting of the Pet Food Alliance

The Pet Food Alliance held their Summer 2018 Meeting in Kansas City on June 27th-28th, 2018. A summary of the meeting and copies of meeting presentations can be found below.

Please email questions/comments to cas_pfa@mail.colostate.edu.

Meetings of the Alliance for Research and Innovation in the Rendering and Pet Food Industries

The second meeting of the Alliance for Research and Innovation in the Rendering and Pet Food Industries (PFA) was held in December of 2017. This meeting brought members of the pet food, rendering, and meat industries together with academic partners to discuss opportunities and challenges in the pet food and rendering industries. In this meeting (summary CSU FPRF Alliance-December Meeting Summary), Alliance members organized working groups to work on targeted issues and will work on those issues within their working groups in the first quarter of 2018.

A summary of the inaugural alliance meeting can be found here.

If you have any questions about the Pet Food Alliance, or wish to contribute to one of the working groups, please contact the Pet Food Alliance at cas_pfa@mail.colostate.edu or Dr. Jennifer Martin at jennifer.martin@colostate.edu

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